Canada’s Great New Payday Loan Option

What loan amount would you like?


Want to know how many repayments?

1 to 3 repayments
Paid weekly
1 to 3 repayments
Paid bi-weekly or twice a month
1 to 2 repayments
Paid monthly
The system will automatically provide the number of repayments based on your pay frequency (range between 42 to 62 days).
In Manitoba, only a single repayment option is available. A loan taken out with us in Manitoba must be fully repaid at the next pay date.

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How we do it

That alternative to the old payday loan that you’ve been waiting for

We offer your payday loan as a fully automated, online experience. The benefits are huge. Here are a few of the reasons this is your exciting new future in the world of short-term loans.


On the spot approval

Our approval times will make your head spin. Your approval will come in minutes after completion of your application. Just electronically sign the contract and you’re ready to go.

Your business if your business

Our job isn’t to interrogate you about why you’re taking out a loan. In the course of life, unexpected situations come up. When they do, you need a financial hand and we’re there to provide it.


Stress-Free Approval Process

If you’re worried about your credit history, don’t be. We know lots of other lending institutions wring their hands over it. Not us. Credit problems you’ve had in the past are no indication of what you can repay today. That’s why we go beyond your credit history and look at the big picture of your financial situation.

No Credit Check | High Approvals

Get Up To $1500 From a Safe Trusted Licensed Lender. Easy Application. Multiple repayments, FAST e-Transfer.


What makes us special?

The hassle-free loan option


It takes only minutes to apply through our secure online system and no need to provide documents! Once approved, regardless of the time or day, all you have to do is sign your electronic contract and your funds will be e-transferred to your bank account in 5 minutes.


No paperwork headaches to make your life miserable. Turn off the fax machine and get comfortable on the couch. This process is as convenient as it gets.


You’ll know instantly when you’re approved for your loan and what repayment schedule of 1, 2 or 3 installments best suits your needs.


Need a few extra days? No problem. We’ll add 5 extra days before starting your repayment. That’s 5 extra days to pay us back with no extra fee to you.


Our lending process has no hidden fees. What you see is what you get. That’s our promise as fully compliant licensed lenders under provincial law and regulation.


Your interest fee is unchanged, whether it’s better for you to pay in 1, 2 or 3 equal repayments.

Same Day Cash Loans

Whether it's a car repair, doctors' bills, ODSP Payday Loans, or tuition fees, everyone needs a little help from time to time. A quick cash loan from PayDay gives you easy access to the funds you need.

We want to make online loans as hassle-free as possible. Check out our Education Center to get all the details you need, from budgeting tips to financial term definitions.
If you are having a hard time figuring out how much money you need, try using our simple budget loan calculator !

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