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5 Steps to Master Your Personal Finances
How Do You Think About Cash?

Money is always on everyone’s mind: What you have, what you need and how you would spend more. In a recent survey from the Federal Government over 50% of Canadians have some kind of concern about money at any given time. Of course, after the last couple of years, this concern is rooted in the unknown: What is happening in your World that you can’t control and what effect will this have on your day-to-day finances?

How Do You Invest Your Time?

The average Canadian has 6 optional hours at their disposal, each day. This is the time they can do whatever they need: Do chores, exercise, plan for the future, learning a new skill, for instance. Many will simply watch T.V., go to pricey sports events, enjoy meals at restaurants and movies? The social pressures on everyone to spend their hard-earned cash on social events is huge but you must resist this, or at least dial it back and spend certain times of your week doing something that will benefit your future. You will soon get into the habit of using your time wisely.

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Alternative Loans for Unprecedented Times

In times of intense financial instability, such as the current one provided by the COVID19 crisis, sometimes you just need to borrow from yourself to continue your standard of living. You can take from your savings and reallocate your budget as best you can, but when the chips are down and your bank account is about to hit empty, you may have to resort to something more alternative.

It’s not necessarily the result of bad planning on your part: After all, we live in a world that is still adjusting to post-pandemic circumstances, and even the best planners can get hit out of the blue with a sudden expense that wipes out their savings – especially now that Canada appears to be going through a very bad weather phase and we are coming out of the traditional year-end spending season.

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Financial New Year’s Resolutions for All!

How is your financial state at the end of 2021? Have you already made unreasonable resolutions to yourself to get things back under control next year? Do you have a plan? With COVID still with us in the form of the Omicron Variant, these last two years looks more and more like being ‘the norm’ for everyday life, but some of the restrictions we have become accustomed to could actually be your financial saviour and a great way to get your expenses more aligned with your expenses:

Rethinking Our Commute

How long has your car spent on the driveway this year? Have you gotten more used to commuting by Public Transit when you weren’t remote working? If there is one good thing about the Pandemic, it’s that more people are travelling by transit, when they realize they didn’t want to pay all of the Gas and Parking expenses required just to travel downtown for one or two days per week. This rise in ridership has led to a more fixed timetable and overall better service. All the buses and trains are now being disinfected often, everyone wears a mask and – as most of the ridership are parents – almost everyone can be counted on be vaccinated.

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Are Bad Credit Loans Good for Anyone?

Should you need money to cover an unexpected bill, or if you need to borrow money but have poor credit, you might want to consider installment or no-credit check loans. These can be a fast form of funding, especially if you choose online loans with no credit check. Used wisely they could even help you rebuild your credit.

Before you sign on the dotted line, however, understand what the terms of the loans are in Canada, how they differ from other loans and what will happen if you choose to take on a no-credit-check personal loan.

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Can A Bad Credit Report Be GOOD For You?

If you have fallen behind on bills, or were wiped out by the Festive Season, you may be finding that borrowing money has become tougher. The reason may be your Credit Report.

Even if you’re back on your feet, your recent purchases and overall outgoings may have had a negative effect on this very Important score that shows your recent and historic financial record, but not your up-to-date situation.

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Do You Really Want to Get Money from The Local Loan Store?

If you are looking to get a payday loan to meet some unforeseen circumstance, your first thought is probably one of those local Money Mart near me stores you see on main roads around the city. Can you really see yourself going in there? It’s not a ‘fun thing’ to look forward to, but what are your choices?

If you are looking for Guaranteed payday loans Canada with an element of speed involved, you may feel as if these Speedy cash near me stores are the only way you can get a same day loan. However, there is a more 21st Century choice available – one that is more customer-friendly and private - doing it online.

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Bad Credit Loans - What To Shop For

A suddenly bad financial situation can have a massive impact on you and your plans, whether you need to buy something unforeseen, or simply get to the end of the month and payday. In life, unexpected circumstances can easily become the norm when you are in need of funds and with no savings, you will be in a very challenging position. So, as a solution, look at taking loans for bad credit from reliable companies.

While this is not a perfect situation for the borrower, it does fill the immediate need they have. Usually due to no fault of their own, they need money. Perhaps it is a medical emergency or sudden travel needs. Sometimes the requirements for ready cash are for the most basic needs of all. Whatever your reason, there are out there to help you.

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Accessing The Personal Loan Industry in Canada

You need some cash – suddenly. It’s happened to all of us and is not a perfect financial situation to be in. Sometimes bills, expenses and unforeseen emergencies simply appear at the wrong times, forcing us to make choices between what we wish to spend (or need to!). So, what are you going to do? The Bank? More Credit Card debt (and how close are you getting to your limit?), sell something you don’t want to? Dip into your savings? You may want to look at loans near me, speedy cash near me, or cash advances.

While you may nothing about Payday Loans, you may have an incorrect picture of what it entails: It’s no longer the predatory “back-street, leather-jacket-wearing hoodlum” working out of a trailer, in a sketchy part of town! The entire industry has grown up, has gotten less Predatory and moved online – just like your major Hight Street Bank has. Want some more assurances? Do some homework.

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Payday Loans - The Low Cost Option

Payday loans were invented as a quick loan process to get you money when you can’t make it to your next paycheck. People can obtain a few hundred dollars with less than perfect credit and repay by making payments on their upcoming paydays.

While this is not a perfect situation for the borrower, it does fill the immediate need they have. Usually due to no fault of their own, they need money. Perhaps it is a medical emergency or sudden travel needs. Sometimes the requirements for ready cash are for the most basic needs of all. Whatever your reason, there are online payday loan lenders out there to help you.

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How will your finances look after the Year End Celebrations?

Everyone’s real cost of living changed in 2021. The ongoing Global pandemic had an unforeseen ‘fourth wave’ across North America, children under the age of 12 began their vaccinations, unseasonal weather affected most of the West and port closures, factory shutdowns, product halts and labour shortages are about to negatively affect the Winter Consumer buying season of November to April. How will this affect everyone’s buying power, this Winter?

The Global Supply Chain has failed over the last few months, due to the reliance on the ‘just in time’ delivery method favoured by large companies over the last few years. It will take many months for things to ramp back up to the ‘situation normal’ we have all become used to. Look for less items on Canadian store shelves, not just over Christmas, but into Easter 2022. This will affect a lot of households and businesses.

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This Winter is Going to be Tough on your Wallet, Canada

Life in Canada has been hard for the last couple of years and it’s about to get worse.

After 20-months of COVID-19 lockdowns and emergencies, the bill is about to come do for Canadians as the Federal Government tries to claw back at least some of it’s outgoings from this unprecedented medical crisis. News in late November about a new-fast moving variant may mean that this isn’t over, yet. Now we have the ‘Global Supply Chain’ crisis.

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Top 15 Best Work-From-Home Jobs in Canada

A virtual assistant (VA) supports entrepreneurs online in various ways, from uploading blog content to managing email accounts and scheduling appointments. Depending on what businesses require, a VA can focus on a specific task or do different ones in a day. For example, some VAs perform Shopify tasks exclusively, while others handle various marketing tasks. This job is ideal for individuals with excellent communications skills and those who enjoy assisting others.

Online English Teacher - Teaching English online is one of the most convenient jobs for many Canadians because it involves using a familiar skill — speaking English. Many students from countries like Russia, South Korea, and Brazil often hire tutors to help them improve their English skills. If you have a university degree and work well with kids, this might be the ideal role for you.

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The 3 Best Short Term Loan Alternatives For Canadians

We all experience times when we are ‘cash-strapped’. For short term, ‘instant loans’, there are many choices open to you for Personal loans. It’s always best to educate yourself before borrowing money, and there is more to consider than simply how much you need to pay back. Think about how much you need, how long you need it for and how much it will cost you to borrow.

You are going to hear a lot about APR (aAnnual Percentage Rate), but if you aren’t borrowing funds for 365 days, or multiple years, then this isn’t too much of a concern for you. Just ensure you know how much your lender will charge for an ‘instant loan’.

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Saving Money In The Post Pandemic World.

It's All New Outside! For many Canadians, the pandemic has proved that you can live and work in a different way, but now that we appear to have got this global health challenge behind us, is there a way that we can ‘build back better’ and make our lives better than before?

The answer is yes, and it’s easier than you think – simply look back at the habits you picked up while under ‘lockdown’ and continue on with them. Not only will it streamline your life, you will end up (- spending less and – hopefully – saving more, making your future better. You can even save some payday money! Look at how you have lived over the last year-and-a-half and how easy it was to change your usual habits:

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How Safe Are Online Personal Loans?

Are these Payday Loans REALLY for you?
Banking and personal loans in Canada have definitely joined the digital age, and the industry has evolved as many more ‘traditional’ businesses have and embraced the ‘net. No matter your reason for getting a personal loan, whether it is for an emergency, being able to make a much-needed purchase or even a weekend night out, doing it online is now the norm. And therefore, it becomes important to ask, are online personal loans safe?

Safety and Peace of Mind Just like any other ‘first timer’, if you haven’t banked online yet, it’s quite normal to be a little wary of it. However, today’s state-of-the-art encryption technology and security protocols on the best sites make all transactions as safe as your High Street Bank – after all, they have been transferring funds online for years, now. However, it’s always in your best interest to do your research, and it’s a good security practice to understand the many intricacies related to Internet banking and ensuring your online financial security. At - Mega Cash Bucks , protecting your security and privacy is absolutely essential to us.

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Getting a loan while receiving the Canada Child Benefit (CCB).

All You Need To Know
As of July 20th, 2016, the Canada Child Tax Benefit (C.C.T.B.), was officially renamed the “Canada Child Benefit” (CCB). This change included some notable adjustments which leads to questions about a variety of different types of loans and the application processes that come with them.

One question that we frequently get is: “Will I qualify for a payday loan if I’m currently receiving the ( Child Benefit ?” While the answer to this question varies from lender to lender, here’s how you can use your Canada Child Benefit income to qualify for a loan:

The Canada Child Benefit is a government program that provides families and single parents with financial assistance. It is a tax-free payment that families or single parents can apply for when they have a child or children who are currently under the age of 18.

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